May 15, 2009

Versal in the air

In a few hours' time we'll be launching the seventh issue of Versal at the Sugar Factory. Poets Jennifer K. Dick and Rufo Quintavalle have traveled up from Paris, and writer Rita Buckley has flown in from Boston – converging here in Amsterdam for a night of revelry.

This blog is obviously a new step for Versal. With it, we hope to join the lively online literary dialogues, adding our two cents from our perspective "here". Our editors will contribute thoughts about our submission review process and the wide(ning) aesthetic that Versal seeks out. We also hope to invite contributors from Versal's pages past and present to enter into the discussion. In the end, I guess it's just a blog – and in that sense also a bit of an experiment for us.

In this first post, I am also excited to introduce the HERE project. Starting today, copies of Versals old and new will be passed into the hands of a number of potential readers around the world. The project is simple: read & pass on. These copies are marked and numbered, and readers are encouraged (but not obligated) to contact us with their responses: text, image, video, sound...These responses, when received, will be posted on this blog.

In the coming days, we'll be writing more about the HERE project and how&why it came about. And, generally, getting this blog off the proverbial ground. Comments encouraged.

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  1. The project sounds wonderful! Can't wait to read the responses!