July 13, 2009

HERE: HP-09-07-007

ID number: HP-09-07-007
Location: near Missoula, Montana, USA
Readers: Audra Loyal & Amy Capolupo (& dog Moses)

July 11 chat:

Audra: we took Versal Here out for a spin today on our date
me: where did you two go?
Audra: just to 8 mile up the blackfoot
took moses to the river
read versal and some trashy mags that amy got at the store
then went to red bird wine bar
and a movie at the wilma
me: oh, that sounds so nice
Audra: it was
me: could we call you in a little bit maybe?
Audra: the river was still a little cold for my taste
me: on skype?
Audra: hang on, we're trying to decide what time
is an hour and a half from now too late for you guys?
we have to do a few things and then we'll be free
me: nope that should be good
Audra: cool it's a date
me: ttyl

Highlights from July 11 Skype call:

Amy and Audra spent the afternoon by the Blackfoot river, just off highway 200, before Rainbow Bend. They watched floaters go by, but it was still too cold for them to float. Moses went in the river and enjoyed herself. Audra enjoyed about 20% of the work in Versal 7. She found some of the poetry akin to the Laborist movement in art, which she finds somewhat infuriating. But everyone agreed 20% enjoyment is a good number for a journal of this size. Additionally, as Audra read the poems she would flip back to see the authors' bios and coincidentally enough, the one she liked best was also by a bookbinder, Lizzi Thistlethwayte. Her other fave was by current University of Montana MFA in creative writing candidate, Lehua M. Taitano. Can we say connections, connections? Along with enjoying some fine poetry, fiction and art, the ladies also learned about jealousy and Winnie Cooper the math wiz in Psychology Today and Sunset magazine. After the river, they enjoyed delicious Indian food at the Red Bird's wine bar. After the Red Bird they saw the film Moon at the Wilma theater and highly recommend it, along with Closet Land.

Audra runs The Vespiary Book Restoration & Bindery

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