April 25, 2011

Breaking the radio silence with the lineup that makes 9

While Versal is at the printer, I usually go on hiatus. This year, I jumped in my buddy's van and we drove to Fontainebleau, France for 10 days of bouldering. Armed with my new La Sportivas and the good night's sleep you can only get in a tent, the closest I got to poetry for a good week and nearly-half were the names of the lines I tried to repeat: Lévitation, Égoïste, La Grande Marche. This hiatus is a quiet, temporary time that I imagine many editors feel as they wait in the between of their hard work and its object.

A few days away from the launch party now and I'm back-back in Amsterdam, and, shhh, I have a copy of the new issue. It's gorgeous. For just a few more days, Versal is in the world but not in the world, waiting at my house for the party and the envelopes and the planes carrying them and the letters and the reviews and the postings and the tweets. A few days of quiet, just me and the journal, secret-like. A tree in the forest kind of thing. It's not yet.

So on behalf of our entire team, I'd like to celebrate this momentary stillness by releasing the full list of contributors who have made and will make Versal 9. You can join in by preordering a copy. It's easy and quick and you'll get a free back issue, and while you do it the only sound you'll hear is the click of the mouse.

Versal 9 is/will be:

Maureen Alsop
Louis Armand
Stace Budzko
Gary Joseph Cohen
Rob Cook
Yago Cura
Julia Forrest
Brandon Getz
Nene Giorgadze
Brady Gunnell
Heather Hartley
Russell Helms
Rochelle Hurt
Timothy Kercher
Stacy Kidd
Kaisu Koivisto
Douglas Korb
Jane Lewty
Nate Liederbach
Amy Mackelden
Tony Mancus
Isabella Mara
Kyle Mellen
Antoinette Nausikaä
Alice Notley
Jill Osier
John Parker
Dawn Pendergast
Carmen Petaccio
Romy Pocztaruk
Meg Reilly
Steven Salmoni
Maya Sarishvili
Travis David Smith
Anne Kathrine Sørup
Lucas Southworth
Dariel Suarez
Ayumi Suzuki
Katarzyna Szu Szugajew
Laura Tansley
Lizzi Thistlethwayte
Amy Touchette
Benjamin van Loon
Juliette Vivier
Brad Vogler
Jacqueline Vogtman
Rebecca Wallace
Suzanne Warren
Sara ten Westenend
Ken White
Nicole Wilson
Jane Wong
Elizabeth Zuba

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