June 06, 2011

Here are some things I'm excited about right now

The non-winter season in the Netherlands means more (sun)light. I'd call it spring if I felt like a summer were coming, but let's temper our expectations.

Light from 5am to 11pm or so is pretty cool.

And since there's more time, if time is the thing you get with (sun)light and/or the thing you get when you're not hunched over the production of a literary magazine, I'm reading again (yay!). Like, books from my shelves. And links tucked away on Instapaper.

So here are some things I'm excited about right now.

Super Arrow, how have I only just heard about this?
Caketrain chapbook contest (now all I have to do is write another chapbook)
things magazine, London represent!
I'm still excited by The Thing, except for the part where they published that Franco guy. Can someone tell me if his writing is actually any good?
This will come up later and somewhere: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallen_Astronaut
Shayna and I are off to Oerel later this month!
The Black Ocean 2012 sub is now on sale. Do it because it's that awesome.

There is one other thing I'm excited about that I can't reveal in public. Yet.

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