July 03, 2012

Fans! You're probably not seeing our posts on Facebook anymore.

By now you've probably heard that Facebook has made some changes to its page posting policies. In a nutshell, you're not seeing most of what pages post anymore. Why? Because pages now have to pay to ensure our content gets out to our fans. If we don't do that, we're lucky if 100 of our 1500 fans see our posts.

Before I opine about this new state of affairs, I want to share with you what I've read about reversing its effects. A simple first step is this:

1. Go to the Versal page
2. Under the cover photo on the right-hand side, click the "Liked" button
3. Check "Show in news feed" if it's not already

This will help, but if you can spare the time, set up an "interests list" that combines all of your favorite pages. This will really ensure you see exactly what you want to see -- not what Facebook wants you to see. Instructions can be found in this PDF here.

Though most of the burden here is on you, the "fan", there are things that we, the "page", can also do. And we're doing them. I'm a not-so-closet geek and follow Lifehacker and the like, so I'm educating myself. My goal? To optimize our use of social media so that we're interacting with you, our community. Feel free to feedback in the comments. We're always excited to hear from you.

As to my opinion about Facebook's latest move? It's douchey, but not surprising. Facebook is a business model, not a public park; if we didn't know that going in, then we weren't paying attention. Maybe Facebook becomes a house of advertisers, and maybe some people will enjoy spending their days liking Pepsi, Dior, and the occasional yet vague political outcry.

As for Versal? We'll continue to work to interact with you however we can. Join our e-newsletter to keep a monthly tab on us, or add this blog feed to your burner.

Meanwhile, check out ed Anna Arov in this photo series by Jaap van de Klomp: Face - Book

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