March 26, 2012

The Big Night

The night was indeed big, so "big" posts yesterday were impossible (a slightly startled Versal editor was told late into the evening that there was a clock change, much to his chagrin, his train ride only a few hours in the immediate future and a full beer in hand).

The Protagonist Party at Shakespeare and Sons was a big success.

On the way to the store I was lucky enough to see some graffiti from my friends the London Police and their sometime partner in crime Galo.

For those of you who haven't seen the inside of Shakespeare and Sons, it is truly one of the most attractive bookstores around.

Early in the evening we were treated to the musical stylings of Max Baille. This guy has played at Carnegie Hall folks. With Bobby McFerrin. THE BOBBY MCFERRIN. No joke. He performed a lovely Bach piece and some early folk dances.

Here's Max explaining to us the chord progressions of the last movement of the Bach piece he performed. 

The lovely Eliza soon followed with some standards. 

The fantastically named Alan Fishbone read a small section of his recently finished novel Methylene Blue. 

Later in the evening there were readings from Adrian HornsbyHer Royal Majesty and Tale of Three Cities, and a new printing of the essay Unpacking My Library was introduced by the organizers of the event, Paravion Press. By that time of the evening, light was bad and my camera out of batteries, so it is not well documented as the rest. 

Let's just say there was lots of sexy talk in Spanish. You should have been there. 

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