March 30, 2012

Number one!

This clip from Sesame Street brings together a lot of things I love and also I think we should pause a moment on the fact that Versal won FIRST PLACE in the 26th annual New York Book Show!

We are honored to be on the podium with our friends Bateau and The Common!

Here's what I wrote to my team this morning:

This is an award we can all feel proud of!

The award is for design, production and manufacturing quality -- you can read about their criteria here (scroll down).

The original design of
Versal was made 10 years ago by a friend of mine, Daniel Baars. Though he doesn't work on the mag anymore we have stayed true to the intention of his design. I have let him know about the award, as well as Amy Purifoy who designed the cover of Versal 9 - and props to the art team for pushing for the "I am happy" cover. I handle the interior layout and typesetting, and Robert, Shayna, Sarah and I sequence the issue.

But we have all of ourselves to thank for this -- it's a project that comes together thanks to all of your energy and commitment.
Together, we build something every year that is truly great. Choosing the work is the biggest part of this, and I think the design simply reflects the strong work it presents. So congratulations to you all. We rock buckets.

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