April 02, 2012

Brain Cookies

Starting today, the kind folks at Versal are attempting to link to a few interesting articles about literature that are floating around the internet, as well as some links of intellectual interest.

Megan has suggested I come up with a name for the link series, but I am terribly slow with titles (being as important as they are) and will announce a title later this week. Here are a few links for today that I found interesting.

Kyle Minor suggests a few comic novels for your digestion. I have to admit, the only one I know is Erasure.

The always excellent Adam Curtis outlines the relationship between bodybuilding and imperialism. A must read.

The Los Angeles Review of Books reviews two new books about the marijuana trade. Seems those hippies are getting what they want after all.

The Washerman's Dog blog gives us a little history on the relation between Jazz and Islam. Baptists churches on the East Coast face Mecca? No way.

Finally, how about a topless Hemingway slideshow?


  1. How about NO ONE HAS EVER LINKED HERE. I love lit link lists but hate the repetition over several lists. What if we, like, find the dusty corners of the interwebs and go BOOM.