April 04, 2012

No One Has Ever Linked Here

I'm still trying out new names for this daily links post. This one was suggest by head honcho Megan Garr. Tell us what you think.

So, onto today's links:

I lied about avoiding politics yesterday. This American Life: follow the money.

We're a bit design obsessed over here at Versal. How about a music-based font called Qalto. Cool curves bro.

Speaking of music, I'm re-exploring Radiohead's Kid A and Amnesiac at the moment, but in a 'how did they put it all together' research mission. I found this journal from Ed (sound maker and guitarist of the band) on the recording process of these two albums.

Artistic process oriented lins continued–here is a post from the Paris Review about Tantric Art.

Lastly, I'm currently watching Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy. I'm impressed they gave it the red light. How was it renewed for a second season? The British are doing something right.

Till tomorrow.

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